Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol


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Client: Paramount Pictures
Production Company: SubLA
Direction: Tommy Pallotta
Animation & Compositing: Chun See Daniel Lim + Christiaan De Rooij + Submarine
Rotoscope: Aaron Sacco + Nate Jensen
Interactivity: Refunk
Sound Design & Foley: ANarchy Post
Production: Coen van Oostrom
Project Management: Sara Kolster

Year: 2011
mission impossible, mi4, interactive, facebook, viral, 2d, animation, graphic novel

An interactive personalized animated experience.

"Mission accomplished."

~ Tom Cruise

Info: An interactive online experience for Paramount's latest film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

(Images courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

'Who is Cobalt, is a groundbreaking personalized animated experience that places you and your friends inside the story. The interactive video uses Facebook connect to personalizes a movie experience that is unique for each user. It offers viewers an innovative new way to immerse themselves in the franchise and release of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

The interactive video is directed by Tommy Pallotta and animated in the same style that he co-developed on his past films'
~ Submarine

Tom Cruise's tweeting on Twitter and messaging on Facebook about Who IS Cobalt?